Admin & Establishment Wing

Province of Punjab is an important stakeholder with more than 60% share in the national exports significantly impacting the provincial economy and compelling it to address the related concerns such as productivity enhancement, modernization of productive processes, procurement policies competition laws standardization of products and services, business related regulatory framework, data collection and collation for informed planning and decision making for investment and trade promotion. Export Supply Management issues are reckoned to be effectively dealt with provincial government as recently realized and discussed with the Export Promotion Bureau resulting in a draft cooperation framework between the Punjab Government and EPB. the information of obliged issues are taking place under the tree.


  • Establishment matters relating to the Directorate of Industries. Controller Printing & Stationery, Punjab Small Industries Corporation and Punjab Consumer Protection Council, Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority.

  • All Administrative / Recruitment Matters of attach departments. 

  • Disposal of Family / Individual Pension & G.P Fund Cases of Officers / Officials of attached Departments. 


  • All enquiry cases relating to BS-16 and above officers of attached department & autonomous bodies. 

  • Appeal cases against the orders of authorities of attached departments.

  • Registration under Societies Registration Act, 1860.

  • Miscellaneous references pertaining to TEVTA.

  • Matter relating to Enquiry / Hearing cases, wherein the Secretary IC&I is appointed by the Chief Minister / Chief Secretary, as enquiry officer / hearing officer. 

  • Representations filed against Ombudsman’s decisions before Governor, Punjab, who appointed the Secretary IC&I, as hearing officer, against them

  • Matter relating to purchase of Attached Departments & Autonomous bodies

  • Appeals filed before the Secretary IC&I against the decisions of Authority, under Punjab Consumer Protection Act, 2015

  • Board Meetings of TEVTA.


  • Budget of 10-GA. 

  • The Establishment matters relating to officers / officials posted in Industries Department from S&GAD. 

  • Maintenance of official transport, phones & other utilities. 

  • The Miscellaneous information required by S&GAD, AG office, F.D or other Departments.

  • Drawing and Disbursing Officer. 

  • Matters relating to amendments in rules of business. 

  • Enquiry cases of Secretariat Staff, BS-01 to 16.

  • To monitor audit progress in respect of Industries Department (10 GA).

  • Disposal of Family / Individual Pension & G.P Fund Cases of Officers / Officials of Department.  


  • Arranging SDAC & DAC meetings. 

  • All non-development budget matters relating to all lower formations of Industries Department.

  • Dealing cases of non-Tax receipts of two formations i.e. DG, IPW&M and Govt. Printing Press. 

  • Reconciliation of expenditure accounts relating to lower formations of the Department.

  • To monitor audit progress in respect of attached Departments. 

  • Dealing PAC meetings of the department and its lower formations. 

  • To online the Budget of all field formations.