Senior Economic Advisor Wing

Province of Punjab is an important stakeholder with more than 60% share in the national exports significantly impacting the provincial economy and compelling it to address the related concerns such as productivity enhancement, modernization of productive processes, procurement policies competition laws standardization of products and services, business related regulatory framework, data collection and collation for informed planning and decision making for investment and trade promotion. Export Supply Management issues are reckoned to be effectively dealt with provincial government as recently realized and discussed with the Export Promotion Bureau resulting in a draft cooperation framework between the Punjab Government and EPB.


Following are the prime functions of the aforementioned wing:

  • Matters relating to Annual Development Programme ADP.
  • Establishment of Industrial Estates in Punjab through PSIC, PIEDMC & FIEDMC.
  • Micro Financing through Chief Minister’s Self Employment Scheme 
  • Punjab Job & Competitiveness Mission
  • Matters relating to Skill Strategy.
  • Matters relating to PSDF, National Textile University and Expo Lahore
  • All grievance, petition and complaints relating to Industrial Sector.
  • Survey/Collection of and dissemination of information regarding Industrial Sector.
  • Implementation of laws / rules pertaining to Sugar Mills Policy.
  • Policies pertaining to Declaration of Negative Areas for Industries by the District Government / Industrial Location Policy.
  • Issues related to Boiler & Envoirment Protection
  • Matters pertaining to Quaid-e-Azam Apparel Park (QAAP)